About Kellie Rae Theiss

Kellie Rae - Minnesota Nature ArtistMy formal art education began at the University of Nebraska. This took me to observe art in over 27 countries of Europe, then on to attend the Accedemia de Riaci in Florence, Italy. I have worn many hats for the arts as an educator, owner and director of Kellie Rae Theiss (Red House) Gallery for nine years. It is very important to note that I have also been a student of the community of artists here and abroad. Libraries of information have come from the extraordinary artists and students that I have been privileged to work with and for over the past 25 years here in Minnesota.

Kellie Rae Theiss - Minnesota Nature Artist Above anything else I am here as an artist for nature. For 31 years my paintings have been about expressing a reverence for the natural object or creature. Rendering with academic precision, I attempt to relate to the viewer with a touch of surrealism how beautiful, fragile and brief are the creatures and their physical world. I also intend parallels to be pondered regarding our existence with theirs. Is there is a physical connection to the spiritual realm? Are we responsible to observe, appreciate and protect? I hope that my work will reflect these questions, creating a stronger connection to nature and a sense for protecting it.

Kellie Rae Theiss - Minnesota Nature Artist Kellie Rae Theiss - Minnesota Nature Artist Kellie Rae Theiss - Minnesota Nature Artist